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Fa La Sheng.

How to drive like a New Yorker.


So were driving down the streets of Maryland, its empty, quiet, almost deserted; I’m beginning to think this is some reality game show where I need to find my way off of.  We continue driving upwards and BAM were in NY! Toto, I don’t think were in Kansas anymore, or er well Maryland. The bustle the hustle and I’m not talking about the dance.  Its utter chaos, people walking at their own pleasure; not really taking the 75 mph taxi’s flying towards them.  And the taxi’s, don’t get me started on them. Uhm hello! There are lines on the street because we can’t be in every lane at once…but no one’s told the taxi drivers this apparently.

The Taxi’s

They’re a lovely thing in NY considering the gas prices now-a-days yet scarier than the monster roller coasters at six flags or Aunt Gertrude with the mustache who always wants to kiss you and pinch your cheeks.  They get so close where I’m hollering across, “Hey buddy, I didn’t realize we were one car”! It might be the fact that they are driven by third world drivers but last time I checked we had no goats or cows, yet we do have those 10 foot potholes.

Pot holes.

A hole by any other name would not be as sweet as a pothole. Ok, they’re not 10 ft but at least a steady a 6. Not enough to sink your car into but enough to mess up your car.  When you were little and going on field trips you sat in the back of the bus and anticipated those pot holes; now, not so much considering the amount of money you paid for that car.

Car Prices.

You wash it, wax it, polish it; hell you would change its diaper if it had one.  It’s your baby…with a hemi.  I don’t know how many babies come standard with hemi’s but well go with that.  And one day someone scuffs the bumper, scratches your paint or even rear ends you and you have a conniption! THE HORROR! Yet dings and scratches are not uncommon in NY.

Tourists and Local Tourists

It’s bad enough having to deal with tourists who can’t speak English but when it’s the locals it’s even worse.  I’m sitting at a Japanese restaurant in China town and I hear Mr. Chang yelling FA LA SHENG FA LA SHENG. Mr. Chang’s big white tourist bus fills up with all sorts of Asian tourists and they’re off.  FA LA SHENG is Flushing…Queens that is.  Is it just me or would we all rather get in a car with a drunk driver rather than an Asian.  A couple months back I’m driving up from the Holland tunnel and this blue jeep in front of me is swerving all over the road, I’m 2 minutes from calling the police and just as I pull up to him my best friend looks over and goes DON’T CALL!! FALSE ALARM! He’s not drunk, he’s Asian.  Horrible?, yes, a little; truthful? 100%.  And tourist are just icing on the cake.  Is there a chip that’s implanted into people for when they go somewhere in vacation they automatically become ANNOYING! Tourists don’t understand the speed of New York.  We want everything done yesterday.  New York minute didn’t just randomly appear out of thin air. 

The New York minute

We live in it, we walk in it, we talk in it and we drive in it.  Crazy u-turns, cut offs, merging at inappropriate times and that’s just the beginning but I guess we all know this, we live here too.


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If you’ve ever watched SLC Punk you know the story of Sean. In the beginning of the movie, he’s selling the acid drops in front of the high school and the school cop see him; Sean bolts off down the side of the school, as he runs from the cop he stashes the acid paper in his pocket. He runs thru the school track field while the sprinklers are on and the water hits his pants, the acid goes thru his pants and 100 hits of acid melt thru and soak into his leg. Needless to say, Sean is messed up for the rest of his life. He is stuck in what we call a permanent trip. This is merely one side effect of hallucinogens like acid.
But Sean isn’t the first we’ve heard of to mess with hallucinogens; the 60’s were nothing but drugs. Janis Joplin died because of it and supposedly Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds was written on it. And children these days have continued. Many drugs fall under the hallucinogen genre and some people don’t even know. These drugs are LSD, Peyote, Psilocybin, PCP. LSD is put on paper which is then dissolved on the tongue. Peyote, which is the top of a cactus also referred to as the crown—consists of disc-shaped buttons that are cut from the roots and dried. These buttons are generally chewed or soaked in water to produce an intoxicating liquid. Psilocybin or more commonly know as “shrooms” is also chewed on or added to foods or tea. And PCP is normally snorted, smoked, or ingested. Sometimes drug dealers also secretly lace their weed with hallucinogens to get you hooked fast and harder then you normally would.
Hallucinogens affect a person by altering their reality. That’s why most kids choose to use it other than smoke weed or snort crack/cocaine. The effects are called a “trip” where people see images, hear sounds, and feel sensations that seem real but do not exist. Ive heard of a boy talking about when he “dropped acid” and his couch talked to him. Why anyone would want this I cannot understand, me personally I don’t like talking furniture; Maybe that’s just me. LSD, peyote, and psilocybin cause their effects by initially disrupting the interaction of nerve cells and the neurotransmitter serotonin. In the central nervous system, serotonin plays an important role as a neurotransmitter in the modulation of anger, aggression, body temperature, mood, sleep, sexuality, appetite, and metabolism, as well as stimulating vomiting.
But there are longer lasting effects of these drugs than we consider now. Peyote can cause fetal abnormalities in the future. Sometimes the “shrooms” aren’t sorted properly and a poisonous mushroom gets into the mix. It is even possible to end up in a coma after doing these drugs. But worst of all is the “permanent trip” this is when you continue having flashbacks to the acid trip. Some people classify it as staying in an acid trip forever but that’s wrong and highly impossible because the drug will wear off but it stays in your spinal fluid.
Teenagers need to know there are other ways to get high. I don’t want to sound like some adult anti drug commercial but is it really worth the risk? You get those couple hours of euphoria and then bam back to your everyday life; nothing changes, and everything’s the same again. What do you do? You drop acid again and the circle continues. How about finding a different kind of high? Starts painting whilst listening to your favorite music or deeply analyze an amazing book. Don’t rely on a 3 hour trip to help you. Listen to Mary Poppins and go fly a kite.


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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that McDonalds food or any other fast food is not healthy food. When I heard that people were going to sue McDonalds for making them fat I must have fallen over and laughed for a good 10 minutes then got up and shook my head in shame for those people. The parents who made the claim said that the two McDonalds in their area of the Bronx failed to disclose the ingredients but let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out it’s not good. Sit, Think, hmm these fries were cooked in pork fat and oil, golly jee they must be healthy! No! No, they’re not.
Another thing these days is parents are letting their children eat crazy things. Parents come home late from works and the simplest thing is to run to KFC and pick up a bucket or order Chinese food which is even better; they deliver it to you. The biggest reason people flock to these fast food joints is comfort. We all have our comfort food, mine happens to be a huge bowl of green salad with extra vinegar. But to some people it’s that happy meal they use to get as a kid with that awesome toy in it! That’s how they lure kids in and once someone is hooked they’ve become a costumer for life. And in the future when they’re grown up and feel a little down they rush over to their childhood fast food place as a sense of comfort.
McDonald’s food is also nothing but make-up on a mess. In Why McDonalds Fries Taste So Good By Eric Schlosser were informed as to why people can’t resist those massacred potatoes and grease fried burgers. “Studies have found that the color of a food can greatly affect how its taste is perceived. Brightly colored foods frequently seem to taste better than bland-looking foods, even when the flavor compounds are identical.” says Schlosser. Which can be proved in children if you think about it; go on, put some bright colored candy in front of your kid and some steamed green broccoli and see which they’ll go for. McDonalds actually ran a test in which they used colored lights to disguise their food. “During one experiment in the early 1970s people were served an oddly tinted meal of steak and French fries that appeared normal beneath colored lights. Everyone thought the meal tasted fine until the lighting was changed. Once it became apparent that the steak was actually blue and the fries were green, some people became ill.” (Why McDonalds Fries Taste So Good)
The horrible thing these days is that no one really knows what they’re buying except that “they saw this commercial on TV which said so and so is better than the leading brand because it has 0% Tran’s fat and 0% sodium and 0% carbohydrates but you don’t know that for sure. The matter of the fact is you need to know what you’re buying. A product can say 0 carbs, yet be loaded with sugar or Tran’s fat. And you can’t sue McDonalds because you have no self control or control of your children.


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What do Mr. Men, South park characters and Ducks have in common? We’ll before you blow a mind gasket trying to solve this conundrum ill clue you in on a little secret; Facebook. Do you remember those days when the most you could do with a photo was upload it to Facebook or MySpace? We’ll now there are all sorts of shenanigans you can do.
At first it started with tagging people in a photo. You would go to a party with friends and then upload those photos letting everyone know who you were with and possibly make new friends and tag them as well. Sometimes you kind of meet someone and don’t get their name or email addy and then someone tags them and ta-da; you have 1 new friend request. But recently facebook has become more than that.
I logged in one day to find someone had tagged me in a photo. Thinking to myself “We’ll I haven’t seen this person in a while what photo could it possibly be?” I click the link and to my amusement I was donned “the stylish one” in one photo and “the party girl” in another. Now, from what I remember, it use to be fill out a survey and then tag friends who you want to answer it. This pretty much works in the same way. Since I was tagged I had to do the same. Now, here comes the hard part; who to choose?
I have a lot of friends and each photo has about 15-20 characters. How do I go about this without hurting people’s feelings? Also some characters include “the drunk b*tch * The Annoying One”. Really? Are those necessary? Who’s going to tag their friends as those?
Does anyone remember the “25 facts about me” phenomena? I obviously did it, and here it is. I would get tagged daily and get irate daily as well because of that. People were doing it left and right. To be honest, I did one but when your ex-boyfriends mother is on Facebook tagging you in that when does it become too much?
I recently read an article in Time magazine wittily named “25 things I didn’t want to know about you” and I found it utterly hilarious. “An estimated 5 million of these notes — that’s 125 million facts — have appeared on the website within the past week. Assuming it takes someone 10 minutes to come up with their list, this recent bout of viral narcissism has sent roughly 800,000 hours of work time productivity down the drain.” Says Claire Suddath. But honestly Claire, just because you’ve been tagged doesn’t necessarily mean you have to read it. She also went on to add “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve finally found something more stupid than Twitter.” Listen Claire, just because you don’t have an awesome social life and cant name drop doesn’t mean other shouldn’t? Right? Right? But i guess you and my friend Nick are in the same Facebook hating boat.

I remember seeing it everywhere. I had a friend who did it about 10 times, which frankly defeats the purpose, why not just write and intense “about me” if you’re willing to share that much. Sometimes I wonder who makes up all these “surveys” There is one where you answer questions based on what song pops up on your i-tunes or you count the last 15-20 people who commented you and give each one a number then answer questions based on that. I can’t and I’m not really complaining these surveys have saved my life in fits of boredom. The internet has become an intriguing place and most people don’t use it to its advantage…other than posting mundane facts and tagging people in silly photos of Mr. Men characters.


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Would you go to your garbage right now and dig to the bottom, pickup whatever you find and gobble it down? To everyone who said no, here comes a doozy. Why eat products with soy lecithin? You might be asking yourself what on earth is this soy lecithin and when have I eaten it? To answer your question, every day if you’re a chocolate fan or take your daily vitamins. Although it has no nutritional value whatsoever, American companies throw it into everything. Germany in 1908 companies needed something to do with all the waste that came after soy rushing and refining. This became known as “soy lecithin.” This isn’t the soy block we see in the grocery store or our stir fry at the local wok-n-stir. This is the garbage soy leaves behind; the petroleum jelly of food. By 1939 more than 1,000 uses for soy lecithin were discovered. It seems soy lecithin is in almost everything today but why aren’t we told the dangers of it?
So why is soy lecithin in my chocolate? You may ask. It turns out soy lecithin is an emulsifier which holds the cocoa and cocoa butter together. Think of it as glue for your chocolate. It’s also added to bakery goods to make the dough less sticky and also to make it rise easier. Like stated before, it has no nutritional value, so why is it put into everything? In complete contradiction, “soy is said to inhibit our bodies from absorbing calcium, protein, magnesium, zinc and iron because they are quite high in phytic acid” (Delicious Organics). Another problem is that numerous papers and websites talk of aluminum in soy. The process is done in cheap aluminum tanks which leak into the soy product. One theory from European Newspaper Vesti is that American companies are trying to kill people.
Why else would it be so hard to find almost anything in American search engines, books, papers on the dangers of it? In “The Condensed Encyclopedia of Healing Foods” there are topics such as Health Benefits & Nutritional Highlights but none say the dangers of soy. There’s an estrogen sensitivity warning on the next page which says “Women who have estrogen-sensitive breast tumors should restrict their soy intake to no more than 4 servings per week and should avoid soy isoflavone supplements” (Murray 349). It is odd that the book would say that when in contradiction to it they say women with such problems should avoid soy at all cost. So why do European news papers cover it thoroughly and American news don’t report anything on it?
In 1998, Linda McCartney unexpectedly died. When the autopsy was run it became evident she died from chemically modified food, among those, soy, which gave her breast cancer. She and Paul were on a vegetarian diet which consisted of modified foods which led to her death. They promoted this food 100% and this is what they get in return; lies and loss. I read in a Bosnian newspaper called Vesti which translated to (News) that a test was conducted on lab mice and the results were nothing short of shocking. Female mice fed with chemically modified soy lecithin grew smaller in size, and their brains also stopped growing at a certain point. Among that the basic organs also didn’t grow. Meanwhile the death rate grew to a whopping 55% for mice fed with chemically modified soy. Those mice fed with organic soy only showed a death rate of 9% proving if you for some odd reason must eat soy product try to find certified organic ones. Not so shocking was the result of the mice that weren’t fed with soy at all. Their death rate was only 6.8%. It’s not such a big difference from organic soy but still significantly better if the possibility is death. Another alarming find came from Vesti newspaper where it was written “feeding a small baby on a soy based diet is the same as giving the baby five contraceptive pills per day” (Zikovic). America has 100 million acres of soy fields in which a majority is harvested precisely for chemical modifying; unlike in Asia and Australia where only the best part of the whole soy bean is used. Australia has 50,000 acres of soy planted and none is used for chemical modifying. In Asia tofu is eaten because it is a mostly poor nation but even they only eat the best part. The soy products fine in moderation are Miso soup, Nato, fermented tofu, soymilk from fermented beans, soy or tamari or shoyu sauce, and tempeh none of them being modified. The products to avoid at all costs are hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, soy flour, soy oil [also vegetable oil considering most of it is soy] soy lecithin, soy protein isolates and textured vegetable protein.
So who is to blame for poisoning Americans? Why don’t American companies do what Europe does? Europe is now not allowing and chemically modified soy in the country or on its shelves. Dutch Banks have warned their investors to sell any and all shares of companies dealing with modified or chemically changed soy says Zikovic in Vesti. Even Fuji, one of the biggest producers of soy in the world, has stopped chemically engineering their soy and put out a law that any products which are modified must have a label saying that they were. Why is it that American companies don’t care what they put out as long as it isn’t obviously killing people left and right it’s obviously fine in their eyes? The flu shots contain traces of different diseases that attack the young and old which exactly why they are given to them and the food products contain soy; the silent killer. What it comes down to is that no matter if you’re in Asia, Europe or America modified and chemically enhanced soy is dangerous!


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ts like night and day.

Blogging daily on my Tumblr as I like to do, I came across another Tumblr which really caught my attention. The Jaundiced Tumblr The top photo is of President Bush signing a bill and the bottom one of Obama. So you might say, yea ok and, they sign bills, so what? If you really delve into this, you will see what kind of bill each one is signing and whom they are surrounded and supported by. Bush was signing the Partial Birth Abortion Act into law. This law makes partial birth (18 to 26 weeks) abortion illegal. Basically, ‘Any physician who, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, knowingly performs a partial-birth abortion and thereby kills a human fetus shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both.’ This bill was brought about in 2003 due to the case of Gonzales V. Carhart. If you notice in the photo, all of the bill supporters are male. While this procedure isn’t exactly healthy for the woman either, why does anyone have the right to tell someone what he or she can and cannot do? There are women who do not know they are pregnant for up to 4/5 months sometimes. Like any sort of abortion law, it’s ludicrous! In my opinion, Bush; coming from a male dominant area really has no sympathy or even he possibly doesn’t care for the women of the U.S. because unfortunately, the act was signed and became a law in 2007. But luckily the photo right under the one of Bush was savvy new president Obama signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. The morning after Obama took the presidency I read somewhere the most brilliant thing I have hear, the person wrote ‘The air just seems sweeter and fresher now that Obama is the new president’. I couldn’t agree more. It seems like a load has been lifted off the shoulders of this country. The Lilly Ledbetter Act seeks fair pay between men and women. Ledbetter worked for Goodyear tires and after years of no movement in position, no significant change in pay and possible sexual discrimination in pay, Ledbetter took Goodyear to court. Thanks to Obama the Fair Pay Act was signed just this year, starting the year of very well if I don’t say so myself. “As president, Obama actively supported the bill. The official White House blog said: President Obama has long championed this bill and Lilly Ledbetter’s cause, and by signing it into law; he will ensure that women like Ms. Ledbetter and other victims of pay discrimination can effectively challenge unequal pay.” [White House Blog] What is even more striking is that if you’ll notice, around Obama as he signs the act are men and women. Now here’s the other shocking part, look at the picture of Bush. Yes, we see its all men but also it’s all white men. That is the majority of our Government and it’s absurd that in this day and age they think they can still carry on like this. Obama’s photo on the other hand again is a breath of fresh air, not just men not just women but people of all colors. On the Feministeblog site L33tminion says: “Wow. The previous administration didn’t even have any pretensions about giving a damn about women.” In addition, Diana says: “Night and day. It is unbelievable.” Night and day is right, and that’s exactly what it was with Bush; cold miserable night. But I can’t help and agree with J Hertzberg who said, “Looking’ good, ladies. Next time, a woman in that chair.”


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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